Your child’s first steps in our community

From the moment you arrive at Castle Academy you will experience the warmth, love and attention we provide to our childrens’ safety, well being and education.

Before making your decision, you will share in the experience of state of the art facility. Meet your child’s Teachers, our Administrator and Tracy and John Castle (the owners). It’s important to make sure there is a good fit and that Castle Academy is the right place for all our children.

Our Infant Program

Castle-Academy-School-Infant-Child-Care-3Castle Academy’s infant program maintains a comfortable schedule for your child. Our infant program is full-time and because of this, your infant’s natural schedule will be less disturbed from Monday to Friday, starting at 6:30AM.

Loving, Nurturing Childcare Staff

The ratio of children to teachers is 4 to 1. Our lead teacher has her Associates degree and 10 years of experience in childcare. The other teachers have multiple years of childcare experience.

Life in the Infant Care Program

Castle-Academy-School-Infant-Child-Care-1Once accepted into Castle Academy, every child becomes a part of our family. Constant warm and loving care is given to every child throughout the day. The room is uniquely designed to provide a comfortable natural light and windows that open up for fresh air. There’s more than enough room to care for your child needs.

Our infant room has a no-shoe policy for teachers, parents and visitors to ensure the rug area remains clean. Each day all surfaces are sprayed with bleach to make sure the room is properly sanitized. Throughout the day the room and toys are cleaned and sanitized. Trash is frequently removed from the room to control odors. Cleanliness is a critical part of your infant daily childcare.

While you’re busy at work you will have the peace of mind knowing that your infant is being cared for on its own schedule. They eat, sleep, play and learn on their own schedule. Our parents know they will receive a daily report. There is a phone in every room and parents are encouraged to call their child’s specific room for an update whenever they want too.

Diapers are changed every 2 hours or sooner if necessary. Your infants comfort is foremost in everyone mind.

Daily Events

There is a lot of individual attention given to every child throughout the day. We work with infants on their motor coordination and strength. Infants have fun with Tummy-Time. There is a lot of singing, reading and teacher assisted artwork done daily. We have a 6-baby stroller and two 4-baby strollers; on a nice day our infants enjoy the fresh air. You can count on our teachers to provide a stimulating environment.

When it’s time to sleep, our infants are placed on their backs in a very safe and comfortable crib. There is always a careful eye keeping a close lookout for an issue.

Selecting the best early childhood learning center for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We invite you to explore the Castle Academy Early Childhood Experience… Today!

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