Child Care: Transitioning From Infant to Toddler

The Roley Poley Program

Watching your infant develop into a toddler at Castle Academy is an extremely precious and exciting time.

Castle Academy’s Roley Poley Care Program is design to help your child transition from an infant into a toddler. This room is considered a transitional environment. There is not a set age to enter, however, the average age of a child moving in to the Roley Poley is around 12 months. Move ups  to the next room are based on your child’s developmental milestones, age and space availability.


The required milestones that must be met before your child can move up to the next room is walking securely, drinking out of a sippy cup, and taking (1) nap daily approximately 1-3pm.


  • The Creative Curriculum is continued to be used to prepare the lessons, along with additional structured activities including: Circle Time, Outside Time Sensory & Art.
  • Each day all surfaces are sprayed with bleach to make sure the room is properly sanitized.
  • Throughout the day the room and toys are cleaned and sanitized.
  • Trash is frequently removed from the room to control odors. Cleanliness is a critical part every room at Castle Academy.
  • The ratio of children to teachers is 5 to 1. All of our teachers have multiple years of childcare experience in various facets of the industry.
  • Diapers are changed every 2 hours or sooner if necessary.

Development Goals


  • Trust known, caring adults
  • Begins to develop own behavior
  • Begins to manage own feelings
  • Begins to mirror other’s expressions/feelings
  • Watches and responds to others’ expression/feelings
  • Shows interest in being with others
  • Begins to participate as adult tends to personal needs

Physical Development

  • Begins to move more purposefully
  • Begins to gain balance and move from place to place
  • Uses whole hand to grasp and drop objects
  • Uses thumb and index finger to grasp and drop objects
  • Attends to sight and sound with more interest
  • Explores objects and notices how they react
  • Demonstrates awareness of a problem
  • Watches the actions of others

Language Development

  • Engages in simple, back and forth vocalizing
  • Manipulates books as adult reads
  • Notices pictures
  • Notices drawing and writing tools
  • Shows interest in speech of others
  • Uses facial expressions, body positions, movement, and distinct cries or other vocalizations to communicate
  • Gestures, babbles and combine sounds to communicate

“I am always so amazed and impressed when I leave a leave from any holiday or special function at your school at how much time and effort goes into every detail. I just wanted you to know it doesn’t go unnoticed. Thanks again.”

Meghan & Eric

Steps to our community

As you schedule your childcare center tours, it is important to find a good fit for both you and your child. We recommend touring multiple centers, so you when you make that decision to enroll you are confident that the chosen center is a good fit for your family and meets all your needs.

When you come in for a tour at Castle Academy you will see an atmosphere of highly engaged teachers with their students. Experience  our state of the art facility, meet our teachers and our Administrator staff including John and Tracy Castle (the owners) and feel free to ask as many questions as you like. It’s important to us that parents feel confident when choosing a childcare facility.

From the moment you arrive at Castle Academy you will experience the warmth, love and attention we provide to our children's’ safety, well being and education.


Selecting the best early childhood learning center for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. We invite you to explore the Castle Academy Early Childhood Experience… Today!


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