Our Staff

Castle Academy Staff Selection & Training

We believe the key to guiding a child through a successful daycare/preschool experience is having dedicated, caring and qualified teachers. The education team is chosen based on educational levels and prior early childhood teaching experiences. Our teachers are degreed educators, certified in First Aid & CPR and are required to attend professional development training throughout the year to maintain their position.

Many of our staff have been with us since we opened our doors in October 2008. Most of the additional teachers have been with us for at least 2 plus years. This is an important feature for any childcare setting. In an industry where turnover is so high, we at Castle Academy do our very best at maintain our teaching staff and to provide consistency for the children.

Meet Our Office Staff & Lead Teachers

Carrie Huffman

Ms. Carrie has been with Castle Academy since 2008. She has an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education and brings over 25 years of experience in the childcare field. Ms. Carrie’s greatest joy working at Castle Academy is all the smiling happy faces of the children and parents coming and going from the center daily. Ms. Carrie along with Ms. Michele runs the daily operations of the school. She is married and has 3 daughters.

“Dear John and Tracy, I wanted to say thank you for all that you guys do for us.  Thank you for your kindness, loyalty and commitment to all of us, is does not go unnoticed.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the staff here at Castle.  Thanks for providing such a great positive work environment for all of us!​”

Miss Dana

Our Opening Staff

Our opening staff care for the children in the early hours of the morning for an easy and smooth drop off.  The morning staff open the school, care for the children while they are eating breakfast, and conduct enrichment activities until the lead teachers arrive. Early morning hours may have mixed groups until their lead teachers come in to move them accordingly to their assigned classroom.

We have a number of full & part-time staff that float from room to room as needed. Some simply assist and others fill in as a substitute for the day. The beauty of a floating staff is that the children get familiar with each teacher. This provides a smooth transition for the children when a substitute teacher is required.

Storks Landing

Ms. Brenda and Ms. Dollie

Our Storks Landing room teachers are very patient and easy going. These ladies love working with babies and it is really demonstrated in the care they deliver to their class. Ms. Brenda and Ms. Dollie come to Castle Academy with extensive childcare experience working with Infants and have been with Castle Academy for many years.

Roley Poley Room

Our lead teacher in the Roley Poley room  is Ms.Alex. Ms. Alex has been the lead teacher in this room since 2015 and previously was the assistant teacher since 2011. Ms. Alex brings this class to life with art, music, outside time, gross motor activities, story time and a fun circle time routine on a daily basis.


Ms. Laura has a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Penn State University and has taught for over 20 years. Laura focuses on each child’s individual needs and prepares them for prekindergarten. She instills a love for learning and creativity with centers that spark their curiosity and excite their minds.


Pre-Kindergarten, our most sought after classes. As each year comes our Pre-Kindergarten class fills up quickly and a waiting list begins.

Ms. Joan has been dedicated to Castle Academy not long after we opened our doors in 2008. She is known for her firm, but very caring and warm hand that the children bond to effortlessly. Ms. Joan understands each child and their unique ways quickly. She teaches with guidance in such a fun and creative way that the children consistently ask for more.

Ms. Bettina, is the lead teacher of the Dragonfly room. Ms. Bettina, has her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and early childhood.Ms. Bettina ensures a very structured classroom and works very well with all types of children. Ms. Bettina enjoys teaching these young children and watching their progression as they learn developmentally and socially.

Kindergarten, Kindergarten Enrichment & School Age Programs

Mrs. Zimmerman is our Kindergarten teacher. She learns the skills of each child and works independently to guide them to master the lessons being taught. Mrs. Zimmerman conducts her room very similar to the public school, so when these children leave our Kindergarten program they are fully ready for what’s in store for 1st grade.  The children love Mrs. Zimmerman for her creative and hands on teaching style.

Mrs. Bishop is the lead teacher of the Kindergarten Enrichment program at Castle Academy. Mrs. Bishop conducts a morning and afternoon session with the children that attend both Castle Academy and the local public schools. Mrs. Bishop lessons include enrichment activities that are based on the public school curriculum, creative arts, social studies and science activities.

School Age Street

After School Program

The after school program… may be the best part of the day for these children… Ms. Jessica, loves caring for the after school children. She helps with their homework assignments and gives guidance when needed. You can always find Ms. Jessica in a fun board game or art activity with the kids.