Preschool Prep Program

The Butterfly Room

Your child is becoming “BIG”!

It all about transition. Soon your child will no longer be using a ‘Sippy Cup’ and potty training will be a thing of the past.

The Butterfly Program

  • The ratio of children to teachers is 6 to 1.
  • The classroom is uniquely designed to provide a comfortable classroom with educational toys for all the children to engage in stimulating activities.
  • Children engage in center-based activities with our qualified staff.
  • Lots of time to Tumble & Rumble
  • Our artwork program is detailed with multi-step processes. They are introduced on how to use scissors.
  • Learning letters, colors shapes and numbers is a primary focus.
  • Fine Motors skills are further developed with the daily use of pegs, bristol-blocks, lacing and connectors.
  • Children enjoy imagination play… dress up time and kitchen play

There’s Lots to Learn… More Steps, more Processes

Our teachers provide a balanced program of large group activities and smaller personalized attention for academic teaching. Creative and fun lessons are key to maintaining the children’s attention while time management practices are in effect.

Development Goals

Social/Emotional Development

  • Interact with new people and situations with increasing comfort when familiar adults are nearby
  • Functions with increasing comfort in a variety of environments, relying on connections to familiar adults who are not immediately present
  • Follows simple directions and sometimes test limits
  • Understands what behavior is expected, with increasing regularity
  • Begins to use strategies learn from adults
  • Begins to use feeling words
  • Participates in longer play encounters with children who are engaged with identical or similar activities
  • Participates actively in group activities
  • Tries more complex personal care tasks, with limited success
  • Does many complex personal task successfully

Cognitive Development

  • Continues an activity despite distraction
  • Continues an activity until own goal is reached
  • Expects people and objects to respond to actions in a particular way
  • Begins to investigate causes when something unexpected happens
  • Begins to match objects by similarities
  • Persists with trial-and-error approaches to problem solving
  • Carries out own plan for solving simple problems
  • Substitutes one object for another in pretend play
  • Uses real and imaginary objects in pretend play

Language Development

  • Demonstrates understanding of simple direction, questions and stories
  • Demonstrates understanding of increasingly complex and abstract spoken language
  • Speaks in two-phrases
  • Uses simple sentences and questions with three or more words
  • Initiates conversation by using words
  • Participates in conversation doe two or more turns
  • Begins to make connection between own life and stories in books
  • Pretends to read favorite book
  • Demonstrates interest in print
  • Shows beginning understanding that print is useful
  • Experiment with scribbling
  • Scribbles with intention of communicating

Physical Development

  • Attempt a variety of large-muscle activities
  • Balance while moving arms and legs in active play
  • Uses eye-hand coordination while doing simple tasks
  • Uses eye-hand coordination while doing increasingly complex tasks

“Searching for childcare is not easy; however Castle Academy and their staff have provided a family type atmosphere for my infant and preschooler in which they never want to leave when I pick them up.”

Sandy & Mike from Collegeville, PA

Steps to our community

As you schedule your childcare center tours, it is important to find a good fit for both you and your child. We recommend touring multiple centers, so you when you make that decision to enroll you are confident that the chosen center is a good fit for your family and meets all your needs.

When you come in for a tour at Castle Academy you will see an atmosphere of highly engaged teachers with their students. Experience  our state of the art facility, meet our teachers and our Administrator staff including John and Tracy Castle (the owners) and feel free to ask as many questions as you like. It’s important to us that parents feel confident when choosing a childcare facility.

From the moment you arrive at Castle Academy you will experience the warmth, love and attention we provide to our children's’ safety, well being and education.


Selecting the best early childhood learning center for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. We invite you to explore the Castle Academy Early Childhood Experience… Today!


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