“Not all childcare centers are built the same”

Castle Academy is a privately owned large secure state of the art building incorporating contemporary architecture with an explosion of warmth. The building is completely secured by locked fencing and each playground area is designed with dividing fences for age appropriate classes.

As you enter the building you are greeted by the front office and may sign in with your own assigned security code. Once you are inside you can feel the warm atmosphere with a carefully chosen color palette to promote tranquility and calmness.

Each classroom exhibits center based activity stations, child displays of artwork and projects, academic posters and theme based bulletin boards, books, stimulating toys, individual cubbies for personal items, restroom and sinks, and plenty of natural lighting and space. Each classroom has two doors for exiting in case of an emergency.

The center has it’s own kitchen licensed by the Department of Health for preparing all the student meals and snacks. Our kitchen help is certified with the Department of Health and are required every two years to renew their license.

Castle Academy is licensed by the Department of Welfare and meets and exceeds all state requirements and is also liscensed by PA Departemnt of Education. Castle Academy is a member of the Kestone Stars accrediation program.

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