A Note From John & Tracy Castle

We have all the amenities of the franchise schools, but present the warmth and family atmosphere of an in-home daycare.

A Little History… Why Childcare?

Working in one of my brother’s multiple childcare centers located in Florida, I knew that I loved working and caring for children. I worked for many years while in college gaining great childcare experience. I enjoyed the rewards of watching the development of children. However; it wasn’t until after I got married and I decided to have children of my own did I realize how disappointing it was to locate the right center for us and our babies. I wanted a professional and inviting environment with a family type atmosphere that created a warm and positive space for all children. It was at that point in our lives when we decided to open a family owned childcare center to provide the environment and quality we were looking for.

We are not perfect nor claim to be, but our commitment is to quickly address and resolve any challenges that arise. We created a home & school meeting to invite our parent body to enjoy local speakers, but more importantly to consistently help improve our school while always keeping the children’s interest a priority. We encourage open communication with our parents and believe in working together to build a strong partnership ensuring your child receives quality care while meeting the needs of your family.

On A Personal Note

John and I opened our facility in October of 2008. Our vision spread quickly on the family type environment and the positive flow for our parents. John and I are both active in the day to day activities that take place and enjoy the challenges and rewards teaching offers. When a young child comes into the office to give me a hug good-bye or a small high five to Mr. John it always brings a smile to our faces. Watching the children grow and develop from the infant room to move to new rooms is beautiful.

  • John & I live in Hilltown, Pennsylvania with our four children, Aiden, Ashley, Alisia, Abrielle and small dog, Lexi.
  • John has a Bachelors of Science from the University of Delaware in Physical Fitness & Nutrition.
  • I have my Bachelors degree in Communications and will be finishing my Masters Degree in Child Development and Speech Therapy.

“We love what we do and are happy to share our Castle Home with you”

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