Castle Academy Staff Selection & Training

We believe the key to guiding a child through a successful daycare/preschool experience is having dedicated, caring and qualified teachers. The education team is chosen based on educational levels and prior early childhood teaching experiences. Our teachers are degreed educators, certified in First Aid & CPR and are required to attend professional development training throughout the year to maintain their position.

Most of our staff have been with us since we opened our doors in October 2008. Most of the additional teachers have been with us for at least 2 plus years. This is an important feature for any childcare setting. In an industry where turnover is so high, we at Castle Academy do our very best at maintain our teaching staff and to provide consistency for the children.


Meet Our Directors & Teachers


  • Ms. Wendy Bohannon, is the Director of Castle Academy and has had many years serving as a Director. She really enjoys the challenges and rewards the childcare industry has to offer. She truly cares about each and every child that enters our school. In addition to her Director experience, Ms. Wendy has previously been a Kindergarten teacher in the public school system. Ms. Wendy is married with one son, and is heavily involved with her home & school duties and enjoys watching her son’s active participation in his traveling baseball team.


  • Ms. Laura Farabaugh, is our Assitant Director. Ms. Laura has had a number of years experience as an assistant director in the early childhood learning environment. She has previously worked as an elementary Educator with the Souderton school district and is a nice asset to any room at Castle Academy when needed to fill in for an absent teacher. Ms. Laura conducts our school tours and is heavily involved with parent communication. She is married and has one child.


  • Ms. Carrie Huffman, our office assistant, contributes to the front office with multiple administrative duties on a daily basis. Ms. Carrie has been with Castle Academy since we opened our doors in 2008. Ms. Carrie started in the Infant Room as the lead teacher and was promoted to joining our management team in 2014.

We have a consistent opening staff that care for the children in the early hours of the morning for an easy and smooth drop off.  Ms. Midge, Ms. Kelly R. and Ms. Michelle P. make up the morning crew. The morning crew opens the school, cares for the children while they are eating breakfast, and conducts enrichment activities until the lead teachers arrive. Early morning hours may have mixed groups until their teachers come in to move them.

We have a number of full & part-time staff that float from room to room as needed. Some simply assist and others fill in as a substitute for the day. The beauty of a floating staff is that the children get familiar with each teacher. This provides a smooth transition for the children when a substitute teacher is required.

  • Ms. Midge, is among one of Castle Academy’s favorite teachers. Ms. Midge opens the building on a regular basis. Everyone loves to chat with Ms. Midge about their child’s day!

 Storks Landing, The Roley Poley, Caterpillar & Butterfly Rooms

  • Our Storks Landing room teachers are very patient and easy going. These girls love working with babies and it really is demonstrated in the care they deliver to their classes. Ms. Kathy and Ms. Jeanine come to Castle Academy with years of experience working with Infants. Ms.Brenda is the closing teacher for the infant room and has been at Castle since 2010. She is always eager to tell you about your babies day.
  • Our teaching staff in the next level in te Roley Poley room  is lead by Ms. Janet. Ms. Janet has been the lead teacher in this room since 2010. Ms. Janet brings this class to life with art, music, outside time, gross motor activities, story time and a fun circle time routine on a daily basis. Her assistants are Ms. Alex and Ms. Rachel.
  •  Ms. Danielle and Ms Sasha, our Caterpillar room co-lead teachers are energetic and fun loving. Ms.Danielle enjoys promoting the children to explore in art and sensory. “The mess is always worth it, knowing they are developing their fine motor skills”. Ms. Chrissy  assists the lead teachers with daily activities.
  • Ms. Kelly, a two year degreed teacher in Early Childhood Education, is the  lead teacher in the Butterfly Room.  Ms. Kelly is  very positive, caring and dedicated to the children. She enjoys teaching through art and encourages all of her students to exercise their senses. Ms. Alex, & Ms. Ashley are the assisting teachers.  Ms. Kelly does a wonderful job with potty training and preparing these little ones for an exciting transition to the next room.


The Ladybug & Bumblebee Rooms


Our preschool program has grown and we have multiplied to two. Our lead teacher, Ms. Jessica, says “she enjoys watching the children master simple skills at this age”. The children enjoy her class and she always completes your day with a thorough daily report of your child. Ms. Gina has been with castle Academy for 4 years and enjoys this age and their developmental abilities.

Ms. Bettina, is the one of the Co-lead teacher of the Ladybug room. Ms. Bettina, has her Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and early childhood. Ms. Bettina enjoys teaching these young children and watching their progression as they learn developmentally and socially. Ms. Stephanie is our other co-lead with Ms. Bettina. Ms. Stephanie holds a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education graduating top of her class. Ms. Stephanie joined Castle Academy after a long career in the local school district. Ms. Stephanie enjoys the younger children and watching their development grow. This team has been together since 2011.

The Grasshopper Room &  Dragonfly Rooms


  • Pre-Kindergarten, our most sought after classes. As each year comes our Pre-Kindergarten class fills up quickly and a waiting list begins. Ms. Joan has been dedicated to Castle Academy not long after we opened our doors in 2008. She is known for her firm, but very caring and warm hand that the children bond to effortlessly. Ms. Joan understands each child and their unique ways quickly. She teaches with guidance in such a fun and creative way that the children consistently ask for more. Ms. Beth is the assistant in the room and helps with all the daily activities. The children adore Ms. Beth for her fun interactive teaching style. Ms. Beth has been with Castle Academy since 2011.
  • Ms. Brenda has been a teacher for many years in all aspects of environments. Her early days she taught in the school districts and has chosen her path in early childhood. She has a passion for teaching the younger child and enjoys observing all the progression with the fundamentals of learning. She spends her off hours with her family. Ms. Stacy, is a co-lead teacher with Ms. Brenda. Ms. Stacy has worked with Castle Academy for multiple years and thoroughly enjoys teaching. Ms. Stacy is one of our sought after teachers’ for her classroom management, teaching style, creativity and challenging her students with fun and stimulating activities. The two make a great pair and compliment each others teaching styles.


Kindergarten Corner

Kindergarten & After School Programs

Mrs. Zimmerman is our Kindergarten teacher. She learns the skills of each child and works independently to guide them to master the lessons being taught. Mrs. Zimmerman conducts her room very similar to the public school, so when these children leave our Kindergarten program they are fully ready for what’s in store for 1st grade.  The children love Mrs. Zimmerman for her creative and hands on teaching style.

School Age Street

  • The after school program… may be the best part of the day for these children… Ms. Chelsea, loves caring for the after school children. She helps with their homework assignments and gives guidance when needed. You can always find Ms. Chelsea in a fun board game or art activity with the kids.  Ms. Chelsea is a full-time teacher in the North Penn school district and makes her way to Castle Academy in the afternoon to finish her day of teaching with our school age children.
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